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» Public Relations Services:

TME can provide services designed to raise the client’s profile, present a positive image to the media, trade, and consumer, and stimulate interest and sales in the client’s product or destination.
  • Develop and implement strategic and cost-effective public relations programmes
  • Individual/group press fam co-ordination and escorting
  • Research/writing services–news releases, newsletters, feature stories, video scripts, advertorials, speeches, promotional and brochure materials
  • Organize Broadcast, Print and Online Media Promotions
  • Comprehensive Print, Broadcast and Online Media Database
  • Press clipping and evaluation
  • Organize press conferences, receptions, special events
  • Co-ordinate on-site location broadcasts
  • Produce/direct/write promotional videos
  • Media fulfillment
  • Organize national media blitzes
  • Act as spokesperson
  • Crisis communications
  • French translation–releases, brochures, promotional materials

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